'Over jeugdorkesten en de didactiek van het dirigeren'


In the Netherlands, a growing number of youth  enjoy their music hobby in a group setting. But playing in an amateur orchestra is not just a pleasant pass-time. Since quite some time, making music in an orchestra has been acknowledged as having beneficial effects on both cognitive, musical and emotional competence. Recent scientific studies are in agreement with this train of thought.


In this publication, Van Gasteren goes into the nature, origin and possible goals of the phenomenon of the youth orchestra. He studies meaning and purpose of making music together and the valuable contribution that playing in an orchestra can be towards the psychological development of a child in general. He formulates aims and logistical conditions which function as a basis for his design of a practical method of conducting for youth orchestras. During the learning process, he puts the exchange between individual and collective first and he strives for an optimal development of both.


The four basic musical parameters, duration of sound, pitch, loudness and timbre, function as a musical frame which is being used to illustrate the methods of the conductor. "About youth orchestras and the didactics of conducting", is recommended to conductors (during their education), orchestra managers, music teachers and musicians, but also to adult amateur musicians and those involved in the music society.


More information: Walburg Press, Zutphen